Ukit Website Builder

Ukit Website Builder
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uKit is an intuitive website builder for business that allows creating a business site, a portfolio, a landing page or an online store with a basket and online payment without programming knowledge. It is able to offer the user the convenience and capabilities that not all industry leaders have. It is modern and easy to learn by beginners, beautiful and functional at an affordable price. At the moment, Ukit website builder is designed specifically for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. It perfectly combines simplicity, style and a large supply of power to create professional-level business websites. Thanks to this platform, website creation is carried out in an intuitive visual editor based on ready-made blocks and widgets.

Pros and Cons of uKit

The main advantage of ukit over other types of site constructors is that the user absolutely does not need programming skills. All the technical work has already been done by the programmers of this editor. So the fact that the audience of this designer is constantly growing is not surprising if to look at what advantages the service has.


  • Good looking interface and convenience of the control panel.
  • 2 options for creating a store - through the built-in widget or Ecwid plugin.
  • A handy tool for assessing the readiness of the site for indexing by search engines.
  • A visual editor designed so that even a beginner will quickly create a site.
  • A block for setting the SEO parameters of each page and blog entry.
  • The setting of adaptability, allowing the customization of display of the site on any device.
  • The ability to integrate a considerable number of different types of services: from social networks to music streamers.
  • Free SSL.
  • The ability to quickly create backups.
  • The system itself prevents from committing mistakes automatically correcting them.
  • Regular updating of system functionality by developers.
  • Regular optimization of the speed of the sites created in the system.
  • Good technical support and frequent promotions with great deals.


  • A poor choice of templates. There are ten models in each section, but outwardly they practically do not differ from each other.
  • Severe restrictions, up to the formation of a certain color scheme, beyond which it is impossible to go.

Some users have noted the high cost of the designer uСoz and the lack of free tariffs. However, the service is not misleading anyone, adhering to the policy of openness in the matter of payment for services. In addition, the necessary set for creating and setting up a site is provided for $ 4 per month, which can be considered an adequate price, if to take into account the functionality of this editor.

Ease of Use

The constructor is designed for novice webmasters who have  no understanding of HTML and CSS. A very convenient and modern interface is offered. This designer has a smooth drag and drop editor that makes it easy to customize the selected template. Everything in this designer is made as easy as possible, users can easily add a widget to the page, create a new blog post or link a site to their own domain. The designer has a preview option, which allows seeing immediately all the changes. In addition, user can take a look at your work during its execution by clicking the “Preview” button. While previewing, each one can choose between different devices: a computer, a tablet, and a mobile phone.

uKit Feature Set and Flexibility


This platform allows creating online store of small or medium size in less than 10 minutes. Simply drag the Store Item widget from the control panel to any location on the site. Then configure the payment options, and that's it - the online store is ready. This is the simplest solution among all site builders.

Online Calculator

Calculator will be a great addition to the selling part of the site. Adding the widget of the same name activates integration with uCalc - a simple and functional branded calculator designer. To use it the user must have an account on this service (it is free). It is needed to enter the account information, create a calculator and connect it to the site.

Table sheets

In addition, in uСoz each can add beautifully designed tables to the pages that fit perfectly into the design of the site. For example, user needs to set the schedule of something - the design of the table will come in handy.


In the "Fonts" section, user can manage font pairs on his/her site: choose from standard ones and create his/her own ones.


uKit provides fast and secure cloud hosting that will provide uninterrupted access to the site.

Promotion (Promo Codes & Coupons)

Free promo codes guarantee benefits for every customer. The offered coupons will allow getting discounts or nice bonuses. Service promotional codes should be activated within the specified period.


In the "Domains" section user can pick up and register new domain, as well as attach one or more own domains.

SSL Security

SSL certificate - allows providing data exchange between the user's site and visitors via a secure protocol.


uKit is a designer for a business, therefore it demonstrates a business approach to issues related to external design. Templates are divided into categories by fields of activity, there are separate layouts for one-page pages. The library has filters that help quickly selecting the appropriate design option. All templates are adaptive, they look professional and correspond to the scope of application: the design of a leading business card differs markedly from the site layout for a real estate agency. In this case, using the widgets, user can change any template by customizing it to his/her preferences.

There are not many tools that aim to change the design in uСoz. User can change the background of the site, choose a color scheme and a font pair. To go beyond the default limits,  Pro tariff is needed. With it its possible not only choose, but also create color schemes, experiment with a combination of fonts. Before publishing the site, user must go to the tab "Adaptability" and see how the pages are displayed on different screens. Some blocks may have to be hidden and changed to others that look better on smaller displays. Precise tuning adaptability allows making a site that will look great on all devices.

uKit for SEO

uKit is a constructor optimized for search engine requirements with a high page loading speed. Good technical indicators of the service provide sites created on it with a favorable attitude from the search engines and visitors. Optimizing the code includes reducing the amount of CSS and JavaScript without compromising functionality, automatic image compression during loading, and special infrastructure configuration.

However, to advance in a competitive environment, it is not enough to have only an SEO-friendly constructor. Additionally, it is necessary to optimize each page and material so that search engines will correctly index the content and show it to users on relevant queries. To make it possible, uСoz offers a standard set of SEO tools:

CNC setting - addresses of pages and materials that are easy to read by users. For example, the “Contacts” section will have address contacts.

Meta Tags Title, Description and Keywords to provide information about the title, description and keywords of the page to search robots. The title and description are needed to form a snippet in the output, and key phrases are used to determine the relevance of the content to the users' requests.

Image tag for adding of image on the preview while publishing links in messengers and social networks.

Indexing management: prohibition or permission to scan pages by search engines.

To help newcomers optimize a website for search engines, uKit has developed a Promotion tool that analyzes the effectiveness of a website and whether it is ready for promotion or not. The analysis is performed in accordance with four main criteria: text, images, widgets and domain. The system identifies weak areas and makes recommendations for eliminating problems and improving site efficiency.

uKit Support

Good technical support is one of the most important parts of any self-respecting company. uСoz has two ways to contact technical support. This is a standard ticket/mail system, as well as an online chat, which is available on Premium+ and above tariff plans. Users can get access to the ticket system in the control panel in the Help section. In addition, more information about this constructor can be found in the extensive knowledge base. It is divided into 9 main categories and most importantly - there is a search.

uKit Pricing Policy

This platform offers very profitable tariffs. If to pay in advance immediately for 3 months, 6 months, 1 or 2 years, a good discount of -5%, -10%, -20% and -30% is also provided. There are four tariff plans that uKit suggests:

Premium ($ 5/month or $ 48/year) - all the necessary features of the designer without advertising, unlimited number of pages, server space and visitors, unlimited attachment of sites. uKit premium plan is the best choice for business!

Premium + ($ 10/month or $ 96/year) - extended statistics and unlimited access to premium templates.

Store ($ 12/month or $ 115/year) is an online store with all the settings - delivery, basket, currency selection, receiving online payments (Yandex.Money, PayPal, Wallet One, etc.). User can activate 14 days of trial free access.

Pro ($ 15/month or $ 144/year) - additional creative possibilities and html-code integration - for professionals. Store functionality is also available.

Perpetual promo code will allow anyone who wants to receive a 25% discount. Before connecting the paid rate, user should enter the promo code UGUIDE-25 into the corresponding window (activated after paying for 3+ months in one payment). Using of the engine at the Premium will cost even less - only $ 36/year, and the maintenance of the online store - at $ 86.4/year.

Payment for some of tariffs can be implemented in the following ways:

  • Bank cards Visa, MasterCard and WORLD, as well as virtual cards of electronic wallets Qiwi, “Yandex.Money” and others;
  • through the payment system PayPal;
  • cashless payments.

uKit User Reviews

  1. A handy constructor for sites. The tariff plans are well thought out; they differ in the range of available functions (statistics, the ability to create an online store, the number of templates, code integration, own color palette, instant communication with customer support). I really liked this service. Not going to change to another one.
  2. Creating a website is simple, there is a free knowledge base to help. There is a free trial period (2 weeks) as well. All ready-made templates are easily adapted to all types of devices. The choice of fonts is large, but you can use your own. While creating a site there are no restrictions on the amount of pages, videos and photos. Elements of the future site are easy to drag and drop, and a convenient visual editor allows you to view all the changes made. It was possible to immediately create a full-fledged online store and fasten the basic tools to attract customers. Additionally, you can use the SEO-settings that help to do everything without errors. I am very pleased with the work of this service!
  3. With this website builder I managed to create a site that is already technically ready for promotion in search engines. Readiness Index has determined the time of the start. Special built-in tools gave step-by-step tips for the right progress. Domain for the site can be bought, but you also can use your own. The templates are excellent, the structure of the future site is thought out well enough. Protection is at height, it is technically impossible to get anything malicious on the site.
  4. Highly functional and inexpensive. I really liked it! Reasonable price - only $ 5 per month. There are discounts for one year payment, so it turns out even cheaper. uKit creates cool and stylish sites, customers are satisfied, so do I. Each template can be changed at its discretion, the editor is simple, intuitive and convenient, without unnecessary frills. A lot of connected widgets, there is access to the analysis and statistics of the created sites. My verdicе: a good and simple online builder! Best suited for creating websites and stores for small businesses. Recommend it!
  5. Over the past year I tried many site makers, among which there were also quite powerful ones according to individual characteristics and frankly weak in all respects. However, in order to find a combination of price and quality - I had to look harder. So finally I chose uKit. This is high quality and promising service. To get a ready-made and quite presentable site, it took me quite a bit of time and a minimum of changes in the template. The system provides all the necessary functionality for creating a bright landing page, a small online store, a personal business card site and a corporate business site. With the help of this one, it’s really possible to create a website for those who know absolutely nothing about HTML, PHP, JAVA and CSS. So I give the highest rating to this one.


uKit is a quality website builder of a new generation. If you need a beautiful and modern website (landing, single-page), a blog or a small store, then this designer is the most suitable solution. Expectations will be justified. uKit website service knows how to make a favorable impression on their audience. This constructor deserves high attention. Literally everything, starting from its interface and ending with prices, speaks in favor of choosing this system.

The efforts of the developers of this engine are not limited to visible implementations of the new functionality. A huge amount of important work takes place behind the scenes. As a result, users create websites that run fast, are well indexed and ranked in search engines. All this allows achieving higher site traffic and business profitability. uСoz is technically designed to achieve high results.

Summarizing, it is reasonable to say that the creation of an online store in uKit as the system develops looks like an increasingly attractive idea. A large number of products will not be very convenient to include because of the need to manually create new pages for them, but the result is very pleasant, especially for small shops.